Leadership at Grace Lutheran Church


Grace Lutheran Church Council is made up of thirteen members who serve three-year terms. Council meets the second Tuesday of the month. Committees include Congregational Life, Property and Management, and Parish Education and Youth. If you have questions or concerns that you would like addressed at church council please contact a council member or the church office. 

Grace Lutheran Church Council


President: Laura Rinas
VP: Judy Gross
Secretary: Kim Grimsrud
Treasurer: Pam Kriz


Congregational Life:

Randa Burrish (worship)
Kim Grimsrud (care of persons)
Jerry Larson (evangelism)
Judy Gross (fellowship)

Parish Education and Youth

David Staub (Sunday school)
Matthew Peterson (confirmation)
Kyle Steen (youth)
Stephanie Schaunaman (VBS)
Adult & Family

Property and Management

Pam Kriz (treasurer)
Joel Kemnitz (property)
Aaron McCleery (stewardship)